Brady Brady And The Big Mistake

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By Mary Shaw   Illustrated by Chuck Temple   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443175418 Paperback
32 Pages | 7.988" x 7.988" | Ages 3 to 8


Brady Brady books are hockey — with heart!


Brady’s friends are coming over for a game of shinny on his backyard rink. Brady wants to make the game extra special this time, and decides that playing with his Dad’s treasured, autographed puck is just the thing.


And Brady is right — the signed puck does make the game better! The shots are harder, the skating is speedier and the plays are spectacular. All until a blazing shot sends the puck into a giant snowbank, where it disappears. Brady and his friends scramble to find it, but can’t. Brady faces a tough decision when his dad comes home. Should he tell the truth?


The Brady series is much-loved by teachers and coaches for its engaging character education themes. In Brady Brady and the Big Mistake Brady and his friends confront issues focusing on responsibility and owning up to your mistakes.

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