Brady Brady and the Missed Hatrick

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By Mary Shaw   Illustrated by Chuck Temple   

Scholastic Canada Ltd | ISBN 9781443175395 Paperback
32 Pages | 7.985" x 8.038" | Ages 3 to 8


Brady Brady books are hockey — with heart!


A big snowfall has blanketed Brady’s street. But it’s hard to focus on shoveling when there’s a game of shinny going on and Brady doesn’t exactly finish his chore. Later, under the guise of taking his dog Hatrick for a walk, Brady ties him up and rejoins the game.

Brady returns home tired but happy — that shinny game was epic! But his good mood suddenly turns when Brady realizes he’s left his faithful friend behind . . . and now Hatrick is missing! Will Brady find his beloved canine pal?

The Brady series is much-loved by teachers and coaches for its engaging character education themes. In Brady Brady and the Missed Hatrick Brady and his family confront issues focusing on responsibility and consequences.

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