Shock Doctor No Sweat (3 Pack)

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Say good bye to sweaty mess and distractions. The Shock Doctor NoSweat Helmet Liner seals in sweat from your helmet to keep you cool and dry and performing at your best. Patented Sweat-Lock™ technology instantly absorbs and wicks sweat to keep it out of your eyes, while your helmet looks and smells like new. Made of thin, soft, lightweight material, NoSweat is comfortable and gentle on your skin and easy to apply inside the front and back of your helmet. Peel It. Stick It. NoSweat!

  • NO SWEATY MESS AND DISTRACTIONS - Perform at your best with patented Sweat-Lock™ technology, which seals in sweat to help keep you and your helmet cool and dry.
  • INSTANTLY ABSORBS AND WICKS SWEAT - Keeping sweat out of your eyes and stains and odors off your helmet so it looks and smells like new.
  • PEEL IT. STICK IT. NOSWEAT! - Easy to apply inside front and back of your helmet. Use the liner multiple times and replace when fully saturated.
  • COMFORT AND SUPPORT FOR YOUR SKIN - thin, soft, lightweight material adds breathability to be acne-friendly and help reduce skin irritation.
  • USED BY THE BEST. 100% AMERICAN MADE  - Proudly made in the U.S., NoSweat used by top players in every major professional sport, including football, baseball and ice hockey. Every NHL referee uses NoSweat on the ice - also reduces fog buildup in glasses, masks and half shields.
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